Bowl Market Copenhagen is the culmination of many different dreams, ideas and ambitions. It is a place where we were able to combine our interests in food, coffee, service and design. We are striving to reach the absolute top level in each area. But we want it to look easy. We want it to be genuinely laid back, casual and friendly and at the same time, incredibly detail driven and professional.

We don’t follow any trends or styles. We have simply created a place where all the things that we like and deeply care about come together to create an overall feeling, vibe and experience.

We are like a family here. We love to work, laugh and succeed together. We work to bring out the best in each other. We want to exceed all expectations. Every single detail matters. We take great care to make sure that every single element is just right. 

We put the extra into ordinary.

– Trey, founder and CEO



Every single thing we do, we do for our guests. There are no compromises. We will serve organic, honest food and beverage in a welcoming environment. Our food may take longer to prepare but this is because we make every dish when ordered to guarantee freshness and flavor. This also means that we can adapt or work around any allergies or intolerances.


We are committed to creating a comfortable, safe working environment. We will give space to individuality and creativity and we will encourage personal growth and development. The Bowl Market Copenhagen team is like a family and we consciously seek out people that will contribute to the diversity of our international group. We are helpful, supportive and hard working. We bring out the best in each other and we are all committed to providing the best food, in the best environment with the best positive energy.


We choose our partners with care and we are honored to enjoy the working relationships that we have. We will operate with respect and work for mutually beneficial partnerships.  Together, we bring out the power of partnership.  We can be counted on.